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With your business online 24x7, the availability of your infrastructure is critical. HP's 65,000 highly skilled professionals can help you manage information resources, provide consistent performance, and deliver secure access with our comprehensive suite of proactive services. ...

Consulting services
  Enhancing your business agility calls for a stable yet flexible IT infrastructure that helps you react quickly to changing business conditions. This ultra-responsive adaptive infrastructure needs to be consistently available, widely scalable, readily manageable, and highly secure.

IT Support services
  Count on the professionals at HPE Services to help you cut the cost and complexity of supporting hardware, software, and network environments across your enterprise.

Educational services
  HPE Services offers a comprehensive Educational Services portfolio that gives your employees the skills they need to boost productivity and take maximum advantage of new technology investments.

Financing and Flexible Capacity
e can help you transition from existing equipment to the latest technology, acquire a new solution cost-effectively, and manage that solution throughout its lifecycle.

HPE Support Services Central (Care Packs)
  We can make technology easier to own, not just easier to buy. Extend your product warranty with a wide choice of cost-saving support packages at fixed prices.

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