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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I find that many of my suppliers continue to make changes in the people and service that they provide me during the year. Will I see the same with IntegTek?
A. IntegTek can give you the stability that you prefer in a company. Someone who can become your partner and understand your business. A person to take ownership in working with you for the right solution to meet your needs.


Q. Once IntegTek and I determine the best HPE or HPI solution for my business, how do I place my order?
IntegTek can give you more information and help you get started with the ordering method that's right for you. HPE and HPI provide you with easy ordering methods -- online or by phone. Business to Business, the online solution offers a customized website with HPE or HPI solutions, pricing and product configuration specific to your business needs.


Q. Will IntegTek be rewarded when https://christian-dior-outlet-online.kawatches.com/ I purchase directly from HPE or HPI?

A. HPE and HPI values the role the Business Partner plays in helping you find the right HPE or HPI solution. IntegTek is compensated by HPE or HPI without any cost to you.


Q. Does referencing IntegTek in my order affect my price?

A. No. HPE or HPI is responsible for the buying experience, which includes establishing the price. Whether or not you reference IntegTek on your order, your price remains the same.


Q. Does using IntegTek affect my warranty?

A. No. You receive the warranties that are associated with the products and services you purchase -- no matter how you purchase them.


Q. Can I still get support from an HPE or HPI representative if I use IntegTek as my partner?

A. Yes. Your HPE and HPI representatives are always available to assist you as well as IntegTek representatives. In fact, there are call centers available to help you with a wide range of questions. Ask IntegTek for the number of the call center best suited to your business needs.


Q. Will I still get the same technical engineering support if I use IntegTek as my partner?

A. Yes. In fact, you will have even more technical support available to assist you; all of the HPE and HPI technical specialists, as well as IntegTek's certified technical staff. IntegTek staff are trained by the same instructors that are used by HPE and HPI internally. Part of the training is to know where to go for the answers you need. IntegTek will also have available to them all of the solution roadmaps and insider information that will help you plan your IT business tag heuer replica watches .

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